SBDC Webinars: Preventing Company Ending Events: How to Successfully Respond to Cyber Attacks

Tue 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Facilitated by Lead Center
Topic: Cybersecurity

It’s first thing Monday morning. No one can access your network, and your IT leader contacts you to say she has received a note saying that your entire system is encrypted and that if you want access to it you will have to pay – wait, how much?! If this situation sounds familiar, it should. Increasingly, businesses of all sizes and in all sectors are encountering ransomware and other cyber attacks that can immediately stop a company’s operations. If the company is not prepared to respond quickly and appropriately, the operations might stop permanently, as either the company can’t bounce back or the company’s clients are so disappointed by its response that they leave for a competitor. Even when a cyber attack isn’t a company ending event, ineffective response planning can result in the company losing hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. In this presentation, McLane Middleton information security attorneys, Cameron Shilling and John Weaver, will provide an overview of how to prepare for a cyber attack and how to respond effectively when – not if – it happens to you.

Speaker(s): Presenters: Attorney Cameron G. Shilling and Attorney John F. Weaver, McLane Middleton, Privacy and Information Security Practice Group

Co-Sponsor(s): NH Tech Alliance

Fee: No Cost